2019-20 Events

Thurs 24th October: Meeting with guest speaker Brian Skoyles

Sun 17th November: Fish-in at Pitsford Reservoir (Boats)

Sun 24th November: Fish-in at Oxlease pit, Linear Fisheries

Sun 15th December: Fish-in at Tadpole Bridge, river Thames

Fri 20th December: Curry night at Gurkha Village, Kidlington

Sun 26th  January: Fish-in at Andy’s Lake, Cotswold Water Park

Thurs 30th  January: Meeting with guest speaker Dai Gribble

Sun 9th February: Shakespeare region match, their venue TBC

Sun 8th March: Memorial match at Bourton Lake

Thurs 26th March: Meeting and trophy night (with guest speaker Gary Palmer TBC)
Meetings will be held at Kidlington Football Club, starting at 7.30pm. Everybody welcome, £3 PAC members, £5 non PAC members.

2018-19 Events

Sun 23 Sept - Blenheim Memorial match
27 Sept-1 Oct - Loch Awe trip
29 Sept – PAC Convention, Kettering https://pacgb.com/pac-convention/
Thur 25 Oct - Meeting (Andy Cheetham & Paul Howkins - Pike & Perch)
Sat 17 Nov - Pitsford (boats)
Sun 9 Dec - Thames, Medley
Fri 14 Dec - Curry night, Gurkha Village, Kidlington 7.30pm
Sun 20 Jan - Andy’s Lake
Thurs 24 Jan - Meeting (Bob Davison & Dave Miller - Big Muskie fishing in Canada)
Sun 3 Feb - Charity match Linear Fisheries, St John's.
Sun 17 Feb - Shakespeare match Horcott Lake
Sun 10 Mar - Memorial match Bourton Lake
Thur 21 Mar - meeting, trophy night (Andy Black)

To get in touch please email oxonpac@gmail.com
 or call 07946 572015.

Charity Pike Match 2018

Oxfordshire Pike Anglers Club & Linear Fisheries Annual Charity Pike Match 2018 Sponsored by Fox Rage
On Sunday 4th February 2018 a total of 27 anglers convened at St John’s pit, Linear Fisheries to take part in the annual charity pike. The gravel pit had not been fished for three weeks due to the Linear Fisheries winter resting policy. Everyone was hopeful it would fish well as everyone registered, brought raffle tickets and paid optional pools.

A briefing was conducted before the drawing of pegs before the anglers, including 2 juniors with their dads, set off to their swims to set up. Anglers could use up to 2 rods with deadbaits and lures being used. The whistle signalled the start of the match at 9am.
Stuart Green caught the first fish of the day on a dead trout, a jack weighing 4lb 7oz. This was followed by a fish weighing 4lb 13oz to Kevin Sparks on a float fished deadbait.

Paul Croft fishing in the swim next door then had a fish late morning on a lure which ended up being the biggest of the day at just 6lb 5oz.

Down in swim one father and son Mark and Young Connor Williams landed a pike just around lunch time weighing in at 6lb 4oz. This was followed by a dropped run soon after.

Unfortunately, it was becoming apparent that the fishing was extremely hard going and it continued to be slow all day with no other fish being landed, which was a massive surprise and a little disappointing but that’s fishing! At least Clive Bristow and Dan Williams who were walking the banks to weigh all fish caught had an easy day.

The whistle concluded the match at 3pm and once the anglers were packed up and returned to the meeting point the prizes of a Fox Rage Prism lure rod plus £60 pools, Prism reel plus £30 pools and a selection of Fox replicant lures plus £15 pools were presented to the 3 anglers who had caught the largest 3 pike, all being well earnt in the cold difficult conditions.

The day was completed with a raffle with 9 prizes being won. Once again everyone enjoyed the day and a worthwhile £406 was raised for the Ducklington Primary School new playground fund.

The Oxfordshire Pike Anglers Club would like to thank Fox Rage, Linear Fisheries, Dave Carter, Clive Bristow and Dan Williams for their assistance with this event.
This charity pike match is confirmed to take place again in 2019 on Sunday 2nd February, be sure to book your place.

The Oxfordshire Pike Anglers Club and Linear Fisheries Charity Pike Match has been held each year since 2015 and to date £1,590.50 has been raised for charities.

Fly Fishing For Pike Tution Day - October 2017

On 15 October five Oxford PAC members met with fly fishing instructors Andy Grey and Mark Tickner at Linear Fisheries to learn how to fly fish for pike. Some members had fly fished for other species before, others had never held a fly rod. So Andy started the day with a really accessible introduction to all the fly fishing tackle you will need to take on pike. After that came the introduction to the somewhat strange art of fly casting; but there was nothing to fear, as Andy and Mark had everyone rolling out nice casts in no time! 

Flies were then attached to lines and it was time to hit the water. One of the best moments of the day soon followed as Martin - who had never fly fished before - hooked into the biggest pike of the session! John, Andy and Mark (twice!) all managed to bank a fish, just to confirm it really can be done. After that it went a little quiet, but Andy and Mark roamed between pegs providing invaluable tips, advice and helped fine tuned people's fly casting. Later in the day some of us wandered around the banks of St John's lake and in one of the last casts of the day Steve banked a nice jack. I think it is fair to say it won't be his biggest fish of the season, but pound-for-pound it'll be one that brings the biggest smile!


So a massive "thank you" to Andy and Mark who gave up a day of their valuable time. As we packed up it became clear their efforts had been successful, as discussions about "when can we do this again?" and "well I know what I will be getting for Christmas" were shared. 

And the good news is that we do plan to do something similar again. If you are a PAC member and are interested in joining us next time, do let John or Vince know.

If you are interested in one-to-one lessons, we can really recommend Andy Grey's instruction. Contact him via his website: http://andygreyflyfishing.com/pike-and-coarse-fish.

We'd also like to thank Linear Fisheries for reserving the pegs and hosting the day.