Fish-In on Sunday 30 Oct 2011

I am now taking names for those who want to attend our first fish-in of the season. This takes place on Brasenose 1, Linear Fisheries on Sunday 30 October 2011. Price is £15 for 2 rods, £21 for 3 rods. This 32 acre reed fringed pit is better known for its carp fishing and has received very little pike fishing, it has however produced a number of doubles and its first 20 in the last twelve months and has the potential to throw up bigger fish.

Full details when you book which you need to do at least 7 days before the event. Please contact me via mobile or email.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 24 November 2011 when Nick Peat will be giving a talk on river piking.

Vince Williams
RO Oxfordshire PAC (RA34)
Tel: 07946 572015